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Mark has recently run a yoga course with my pupils all of whom have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.  The pupils are aged 16 to 19 and have mixed abilities with some verbal and non-verbal young adults.  His sessions are well structured, relaxing and enjoyable for all abilities.  Mark is patient and kind when supporting pupils in the sessions and has a vast knowledge of yoga.  The progress pupils have made has been a joy to watch with them developing each and every week.  The sessions have been so worthwhile and you can visibly see how the pupils are more relaxed after each session.  This has also extended beyond the yoga sessions with some pupils working on relaxation techniques in the school day if they begin to feel anxious.  I cannot recommend Mark’s sessions highly enough. AMY BLASKETT - Jigsaw School - Sixth Form Supervisor 01.12.18


Mark has been running weekly yoga sessions with the pupils in my class aged 9-13, who have diagnoses of ASD and lower levels of verbal behaviour. Mark has been brilliant in adapting the sessions to suit each of the pupil’s individual needs and abilities. He has shown so much patience and understanding towards each pupil, and has also provided us with suggestions of activities to continue practicing outside of the yoga sessions too. It has been so great to see the pupils enjoying themselves while trying something new, and making progress each week! HAYLEY LOCKE - Jigsaw School - Class Supervisor 01.12.18


I have been dancing in Mark’s dance class for over 3 years now and it’s the highlight of my week!  The dances are so fun, varied, energetic and immense! The high energy warm up is technical but also we have a laugh. I could have had the worst day but Mark’s humour, presence, energy and sass gives me so many endorphins and I always have the best time, it sets me up for the rest of the week. Body confidence, dance techniques, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and meeting new people are just a few reasons that make Mark’s classes an hour to look forward to...  I don’t want to move from Surrey now I have found Mark; the best dance teacher I have ever had, and I have been dancing since I was 4. ESTHER SOUTHERN 10.12.18


Finding an adult dance group locally where you are able to perform regularly and improve as a dancer felt impossible, until I fell upon MLD. My first experience was a high impact Wednesday street class where I felt like the only amateur dancer and thought I was about to keel over half way through, although instantly Marks enthusiasm and charisma sold it to me regardless! I soon after auditioned to be part of his dance troupe and suddenly had become part of a dance family I thought I could only ever have dreamt about. Not having any dance background, I always felt like I would never fit in, but mark never gave up on me and helped me to believe in myself and actually achieve the right to be called an MLD dancer. He made me realise that with determination, a bit of blood sweat n tears and self belief, you can achieve your dreams wherever you are in life. I cannot thank Mark enough for giving me the confidence to get back on the dance floor and would advise anyone and everyone to give it a go.... eternally grateful. EMMA KELTING 12.12.18


Mark has a rare combination of gifts as a yoga teacher and I feel very lucky to have found him.  I have been going to his classes for over two years and I can honestly say that they have had a hugely positive effect on my yoga/life journey. His classes always feel special, he encourages us to work hard physically and mentally, all the time teaching us to be respectful of our bodies.  They are fun, challenging and always different.  He puts a lot if thought into them and  builds on what we have practiced before but always with something new, something which makes us think!  He is kind and respectful to everyone in the class whatever age or ability. You have to book early to get a place in his class and you always leave his with a sense of peace and physical and emotional well being.  Thank you Mark :)  Helen Vogel, College Administrator. - Member Spectrum Guildford 17.12.18


Having practised yoga for 5 years with a wide variety of teachers, I can honestly say that Mark is an exceptional teacher whose knowledge and passion shines through. Mark structures his classes each week to take a different focus, stretching and challenging you whatever your ability, whilst encouraging you to be respectful of your body. In Yin Yoga, the poses are held for a longer period of time increasing flexibility in that particular area of the body. Coming from a dance background I have always loved the physical benefits with the sensation of the limbs being elongated and the joints oiled. However what has come as more of a surprise is my gradual appreciation of the philosophical aspects of Yin and the calming and revitalising benefits it brings. I would thoroughly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to bring more tranquillity and balance to their lives! 18.12.18 Geri Hickman


Mark is a very talented choreographer & a very good teacher. He is always motivating & shows true emotions through his dance choreographies and shows. Using his choreography he tells stories and brings them to life.