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The MLDAnimaste Show


Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: TBC

Tickets: £ TBC

Watch out for 2020


This is an experience where animal and environmental conservation comes to life and takes centre stage…. through, dance, yoga, theatrical performance, vision and sound. The MLDAnimaste Show tells a story about our natural world. This wild bonanza of commercial & contemporary dance and other mediums bring you a new form of conservation – performance conservation. MLDAnimaste will take you on an entertaining journey of the natural world and the challenges it faces. This is like no other show, every individual must see it and experience it for themselves. It’s time to enter a new habitat and a new era....the world of MLDAnimatse…..


All profits from this show will donated to MLDAnimaste chosen charities.

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Is a show..... Breathe in life, give back to wildlife...

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