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Breathe in life, give back to wildlife... 


Is a conservation awareness movement through yoga, dance, performance art and education in a bid to help people reconnect to their own natural life energy which will promote conservation of all other natural life energy on earth. Remember natural life energy is what flows through you, me and all living things. MLDAnimaste key themes: Move - Motivate - Educate.

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Performance Conservation

The MLDAnimaste Conservation Show brings conservation to life on the stage through dance, yoga performances, theatre and education. You will have chance to hear from conservation experts themselves as top conservation charities feature as part of the show. This is a night of entertainment you will not forget which also raises vital funds for conservation charities.


Yoga & Dance Workshops

MLDAnimaste holds regular workshops which are based around different conservation issues. The workshops are infused with the conservation subject, so not only will you sweat it out in dance routine or leave the yoga workshop feeling blissfully chilled and mindful, but you will also have an understanding of the conservation subject and motivation. These workshops also help raise funds for conservation charities.

Hand Gesture 

MLDAnimaste is hand gesture to spread conservation and natural life energy awareness around the world so feel free to join in and upload to social media using the #MLDAnimaste. REMEMBER we do not agree with animal selfies so make sure it’s just you who is the star in your #MLDAnimaste photo. Left hand up, right hand down.


Born Free Foundation 

MLDAnimaste has been raising money for the Born Free Foundation since January 2017 and we have done many fundraising events for the charity. 10% of all MLDYoga and MLDDance tickets goes to the MLDAnimaste fund and we donate 5% of this every month to Born Free, while the other 5% helps other conservation charities and causes.

Click here for more Born Free Foundation info


All MLDAnimaste events are education based as knowledge is key in making the future more positive for all natural life energy. We will be hosting specific community talks which will enable you to get up close and speak to different conservation charities and get those all important answers to the questions you may have.