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MLDAnimaste is a animal and environmental conservation awareness project. The aim of MLDAnimaste is to educate people about conservation through different mediums such as: dance, yoga, performance art and more.


Through these different forms the participants or audience will learn about environmental and animal conservation and the challegnes they face.  


Whilst the participants live one of our experiences they will get to relate and embody the energy of the conservation theme we are shining light on, thus giving the participant a hands on experience in a bid to move, motivate and encourage them to act and enable positive change for global conservation.


MLDAnimaste is a non profit project that also helps raise funds to support other animal and enviromental conservation charities.


MLDAnimaste comes in many forms:

- Performance Art = Performance conservation.

- Hand Gesture = Conservation awareness.

- Yoga Conservation = Conservation through yoga.

- Workshops = Hands on experience, suitable for schools, colleges and the community.

- Educational Events = Conservation awareness.


Join the MLDAnimaste movement today, together we can make a difference....

Breathe in life, give back to wildlife... 

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