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Breathe in life and give back to wildlife...

A positive movement for humans around the world to show their love & compassion for all animals and the environment.....


Let's Do The Maths...


MLD = More Love & Devotion


AHIMSA =  respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards all energy...


NAMASTE = I bow to the divine in you...


ANIMALS = are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. Animals have social and emotional intelligence...


NATURAL LIFE ENERGY = is an energy that flows through all living things & ecosystems -  that's what we are - prana / chi...


VALUE  = The importance, worth and respect for the web of life...




MLD ANIMASTE by MLD is designed to promote practical conservation and well-being for the whole planet.


MLD Animaste is YOGA: fluid strengthening movements combined with mindfulness to help people relate to animals and the environment.


Every pose, movement or meditation is based upon the energy of a specific animal or nature itself.


Doing your daily MLD ANIMASTE practice, you promote better personal wellbeing - physically mentally & emotionally; whilst freeing your mind and body to go through your day with heightened awareness and mindfulness.


I believe that through the physical embodiment of an animals primal movements we can connect directly to their energy; holding that in our thoughts enabling us to relate to them, connect with them in their natural habitat.


WE NEED YOU... Share your MLD ANIMASTE video/picture! Challenge your colleagues! Tag your friends and family! GET THE GLOBE TO JOIN IN!


"Lets not just talk about conservation, together lets feel, embody, act, and believe in its importance" MLD.  


(MLD strongly recommends that you consult with your doctor or physician before beginning any new exercise program. All new participants should check to make sure they are in good physical condition and have a good level of health before starting MLD Animaste).

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Let's start a positive revolution and show our love for all animals around the world. Simply take a picture of yourself doing the MLD Animaste hand gesture where ever you go and upload it to social media using the hashtags below:





Lets spread the positivity of MLD Animaste across the world....It costs nothing - just your time... Plus the meaning of this could help someone build a better connection to all wildlife / life energy!


Remember we do not agree with animal selfies - so make sure it's just you who is the star attraction in your MLD Animaste pic! Thank you to all who show their compassion and participate.


Left hand up. Right hand down. Stand or sit. Show us yours...


How to #MLDAnimaste


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Meditation Video: 01.11.19