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- CHOREOGRAPHER: Trained at the BRIT School of Performing Arts, founded MLD Dance in April 2009, created & choreographed 7 full length original productions: Motion Like Dance, News Flash 24, Rapid Eye Movement, 7 Deadly Sins, The Bazaar, MLD SHOW 2018 and MLD SHOW 2019 in aid of The Born Free Foundation. Dance credits include: In Our Time at the London Palladium as "James Bond", NKEM ETELLY - Floatin music video, CITV's "My Life as A Poppat" and Graham Norton's - STRICTLY DANCE FEVER. Choreography credits:

Equinox Dance Film, various musicals for Showdown Theatre Arts.


- YOGA TEACHER: Yoga Alliance trained and registered. Teaching styles: Hot, yin/yang and hatha yoga. Also completed yoga training with Special yoga: Yoga & Mindfulness for Children with Autism and ADHD, Chair Yoga and Freestyle Fitness Yoga under the Jayne Nichols Academy. Founded MLD Yoga in March 2003. "Yoga is literally for everyone, anyone can do it, regardless of age, shape, sex or agenda. Everybody's journey within yoga is completely different and I truly believe there is nothing out there like it, it caters to your physical, mental and emotional form, after all it takes all of the above three to make a fit person. My motto - Love, Inspiration, Freedom, Energy... LIFE".


- CONSERVATION: I feel very passionate about animal and environmental conservation and this has been driven by my own personal yoga journey in which I have developed a greater respect for all natural life energy. Dance and yoga personally bring me "Freedom" and I feel so lucky to have found these passions which enable that freedom. So in January 2017 I wanted to give some of this freedom back in my own small way. As I began searching animal charities that I could champion I came across the Born Free Foundation and was instantly captured by their ethos after watching a documentary about the charity. Ever since I have been teaching yoga workshops, creating shows and various other events for the Born Free Foundation that not only raise funds for the work they do but also educates people about their cause. In June 2019 I launced my own conservation project "MLDAnimaste", which I hope will not only engage and educate  people about conservation but also raise funds for many different conservation charities.



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