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By Mark Lee Davies, Jun 19 2019 06:17AM

Breathe In Life, Give back to wildlife.....

Let's start a positive revolution and show our love for all animals around the world. Simply take a picture of yourself doing the MLD Animaste hand gesture where ever you go and upload it to social media using the hashtags below:



Lets spread the positivity of MLD Animaste across the world....It costs nothing - just your time... Plus the meaning of this could help someone build a better connection to all wildlife / life energy!

Remember we do not agree with animal selfies - so make sure it's just you who is the star attraction in your MLD Animaste pic! Thank you to all who show love and participate.

(PHOTO: Hollie Pay

The MLD Show

8th June 2019,

Will Travers - OBE & Born Free Foundation President taking part in the MLD Animaste hand gesture along side Mark Lee Davies - founder of MLD Animaste and Joanne Bartholomew - Born Free Events Manager).