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Come along to our yoga workshop as we bring the MLDAnimaste yoga videos to life. At the start of the workshop we explain the conservation theme that MLDAnimaste yoga is based on. As we progress through the practice we use visual meditation, asana and breath work to go deeper into the conservation theme. Once we have completed the workshop you will have developed an understanding of the conservation subject and have worked through a lovely flow practice. You will leave the workshop feeling blissful and have an understanding of the Claws Out campaign by IAPWA.


Workshop Structure:

- Welcome

- MLDAnimaste & Claws Out

- Breath work

- Asana practice

- Relaxation

- Goodbyes


All proceeds from this workshop will go to Claws Out IAPWA.


MLDAnimaste Freedom to Flow Yoga Workshop

In aid of the Claws Out Campaign by:

International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals

Watch This Space... TBC

Click here for more info and booking IMG_4095 IMG_4079 Click here for more info on CLAWS OUT Click here for more info on IAPWA