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"We must protect the natural world and all life in it, this has to be at the heart of everything we do, without it we have nothing..."

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Mark is very passionate about animal and environmental conservation and strives to inspire others to see how important the health of natural world is.

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Mark is an avid supporter of The Born Free Foundation and champions their ethos and the work they do. Mark has been supporting the Born Free Foundation since December 2017 after seeing a documentary with Virginia Mckenna called Back to Born Free, it instantly resonated with him and ever since Mark has been creating many different fundraising and awareness events about the charity. Will Travers – president and co-founder of the Born Free Foundation attended the MLD Show 2019 which was a stage show Mark created about the Born Free Foundation. To date Mark has raised over £5,000 for the charity. Click the link below for more information on Born Free.


Mark is also a keen supporter of IAPWA and the work they carry out. Mark currently hosts regular online yoga classes which raise vital funds for the charity. For more information on IAPWA click the link below:

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Haus of Conservation is an organisation founded and driven by Mark. The organisation launched on the 1st August 2020 with aim of bringing education and awareness to people of all ages through avant-garde initiatives. Haus of Conservation is non-profit initiative which actually donates all its profits to animal and environmental conservation causes. To find out more about the Haus of Conservation click the link below.

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