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MLD Timetable & Booking

Mark trained at the BRIT School of Performing Arts and founded MLDDance in April 2009. Mark has created & choreographed 7 full length original productions to date: Motion Like Dance, News Flash 24, Rapid Eye Movement, 7 Deadly Sins, The Bazaar, MLD SHOW 2018 and MLD SHOW 2019 in aid of The Born Free Foundation. Marks dance credits include: In Our Time at the London Palladium as "James Bond", NKEM ETELLY - Floatin music video, CITV's "My Life as A Poppat" and Graham Norton's - STRICTLY DANCE FEVER. Choreography credits:


Equinox Dance Film, numerous musical adaptations for Showdown Theatre Arts, NW5 Theatre School London and many other stage schools.

Mark runs regular MLDDance Workshops which are open for all dance levels - beginners to advanced, you've just got to want to dance. In each workshop you will explore all different styles through street, contemporary and commercial dance. Each workshop is 2 hours long and always start with a varying warm ups build technique, fitness and flexibility. For more information please keep an eye on the schedule below and News & Events page.




I have been dancing in Mark’s workshops for over 3 years now and it’s always a highlight.   The dances are so fun, varied, energetic and immense! The high energy warm up is technical but we also have a fun. I could have had the worst day but Mark’s humor, presence, energy and sass gives me so many endorphins and I always have the best time, it sets me up for the rest of the week. Body confidence, dance techniques, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and meeting new people are just a few reasons that make the workshops something to look forward to...  I don’t want to move from Surrey now I have found Mark; the best dance teacher I have ever had, and I have been dancing since I was 4. ESTHER SOUTHERN 10.12.18



Finding an adult dance group locally where you are able to perform regularly and improve as a dancer felt impossible, until I fell upon MLD. My first experience was a high impact Wednesday street class where I felt like the only amateur dancer and thought I was about to keel over halfway through, although instantly Marks enthusiasm and charisma sold it to me regardless! I soon after auditioned to be part of his dance troupe and suddenly had become part of a dance family I thought I could only ever have dreamt about. Not having any dance background, I always felt like I would never fit in, but mark never gave up on me and helped me to believe in myself and actually achieve the right to be called an MLD dancer. He made me realise that with determination, a bit of blood sweat n tears and self-belief, you can achieve your dreams wherever you are in life. I cannot thank Mark enough for giving me the confidence to get back on the dance floor and would advise anyone and everyone to give it a go.... eternally grateful. EMMA KELTING 12.12.18


MLD Choreography

Mark is a very talented choreographer & a very good teacher. He is always motivating & shows true emotions through his dance choreographies and shows. Using his choreography Mark tells stories and brings them to life which makes his audience be able to feel it and experience it as if what was real… KATERINA VRATSINI 11.01.19